How to Shave with Bar Soap

May 08, 2014 Julianne Bonnet


Ahhhhhhhh..... Manscaping.

Nothing like the feeling of a freshly shaven mug. Whether you're wearing it yourself, or it's adorned on your man.

Here's what you need to know when using a shaving bar like our Organic Shaving Lather Bar.

Step One

During your shower you will want to use the bar to scrub your neck, our Shaving Lather Bar contains natural exfoliates that make your whiskers pop right up.

Step Two

Once out of the shower DO NOT towel dry your face. Leave it slightly wet as it helps the razor smoothly glide over your man stubbles.

Step Three

Grab that manly lather bar and apply a generous amount to your face and neck. Use the hottest water possible, and as little H20 as possible for a thick consistency.

Step Four

It's all in the angle and pressure. After rinsing your fresh razor in water (We recommend Classic Shaving Razors and Shaving Supplies) apply even, consistent, pressure and steady strokes. The goal is to not go over the same patch of skin real estate in one session. It's an Art and takes practice. Leave the hard-to-tackle spots for last.

Step Five

After that face is smooth as a baby's bottom avoid the urge to rinse with warm water. STOP! Using COLD WATER instead will tell your pores shaving time is OVER! 

That's it. You're ready to ride off in the distance on a goat like Zorro. Or horse if you prefer.

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