The Crazy Way Synthetic Sandalwood is Better than the Real Deal

February 25, 2015 Julianne Bonnet

A recent published study revealed that our skin can do so much more than we once imagined. Aside from the obvious functions we associate with our hides (barrier, heat, cold and pain detector, sweat manufacturer), our skin can also detect smell.

That's right! According to the study, our skin cells have olfactory receptors that respond to various environmental stimuli. Scientists identified an odorant, Sandalore, that gives synthetic sandalwood its distinct smell and discovered that exposure to this component increased proliferation, migration and regeneration of skin cells.

What does this mean for skin care? At around $300 per ounce, Sandalwood is one of the most expensive essential oils on the market due to over harvesting of the Sandalwood Tree.  Only mature trees are harvested (typically at around 15 years of age), and the entire tree, stump and all, are taken at the time of harvest, so regeneration is a very slow process making the oil in high demand. At $300 per ounce, that would make a bar of true Sandalwood Soap around $43 per bar. That is why we use synthetic sandalwood in our organic goat milk soap, keeping prices affordable with the added benefit of bringing you Sandalore, a new way to healthy, vibrant skin.



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