Can Sustainable Palm Oil Save Orangutans?

March 05, 2015 Mo Mellady


In the Malay language, Orangutan means "man of the forest".

Millions of acres of rainforest in Borneo and Sumatra are cut down each year to plant non-indigenous Palm Oil. This destruction of rainforest is the biggest threat to wild orangutans. At this rate, scientists estimate orangutans to be extinct in as little as 10-15 years. 

Responsible production of Palm Oil protects the rainforest and orangutans.

Fortunately, Palm Oil can be grown without cutting down the rainforest. When it is produced responsibly, we have Sustainable Palm Oil.  By supporting companies that have joined the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO), you'll be making a direct impact on the lives of wild orangutans. 

100% Certified Palm Oil.

At Faerie Goatmother, our organic goat milk soap is made with 100% Certified Palm Oil from single source, sustainable farms. And that means that you can feel good about our products knowing that no animals were harmed, and no forests were clear cut in order for you to enjoy them. Speaking of trees...treat your skin to our standard milk bar with the antiseptic, acne-fighting power of Tea Tree Oil along with the healing antioxidant power of Vitamin E. 


Help save the Orangutan (like baby, Gunung) at or download Apps for Apes.

*special thanks to Nerissa Foland-Senior Ape Keeper*



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