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April 04, 2015 Mo Mellady

Don’t you hate those women who are lil’ miss perfect?  I do and I don't. I’m a fan of Hayden Panetierre, the country ingénue on ABC’s hit show, NASHVILLE. She’s a talented beauty and I've always admired/hated her for her glowing skin.

Lately, I've been a magnet to any article on skincare, but recently I was in my local drugstore and saw an interview with Hayden that inquired about her beauty secrets. She says she NEVER goes to sleep without removing her makeup. She even keeps makeup removing towelettes under her pillow, the crinkling sound of the wrapper serving as a reminder! 

Beauty 101

We all know we should stay out of the sun and use sunscreen. And, if we are to follow Hayden's ritual, always remove makeup & wash your face before bed. But that's in a perfect world!

How many times do you reach the end of your day exhausted and just think, forget it? For me, up until now, my head hitting the pillow totally trumped face time!

Although I’ve been blessed to have clear skin and heeded my mother's warning long ago: STAY.OUT.OF.THE.SUN. My skin has always been dryer than the Sahara. 

About Face
But as father time marches on with heavy, wing-tipped Doc Martens, I’m beginning to realize that my skin is a reflection of my health to the world.
Thanks to Faerie Goatmother organic goat milk soap, I’m really starting to take better care of my face; I’m getting into a routine. 


Before bed, I wash my face with Coconut Breeze Bar, my favorite scent. Next to my night stand is Miracle Hemp Salve. Once I  lay down, I pat-pat (ever so gently) this natural beauty cocktail of Shea Butter, Hemp Oil, and Vitamin E on my face.

Using Faerie Goatmother organic goat milk soap and Miracle Hemp Salve is nourishing my face, renewing my skin cells and giving me a soft, rosy glow. Spring is a season of renewal. And what better time to love your skin than now?


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