Palm Oil

October 21, 2015 Julianne Bonnet

I am re-posting this from an e-mail alert that I recently received. Please, be aware of the products you consume -- whether bath and beauty or baked goods, palm oil is ubiquitous in our consumer goods. If you use a product that is made with palm oil, make sure that it comes from a sustainable source. Faerie Goatmother only uses organic, sustainable palm oil in our bar soaps, which is in line with our "help, don't harm" company policy.

Standard Chartered, a massive international bank, is about to bankroll a Malaysian palm oil producer responsible for horrific slave-labour conditions and widespread environmental destruction.

The third largest palm oil producer in the world, Felda, needs a loan from Standard Chartered to purchase Eagle High Plantations in Indonesia.

Some of Felda’s workers are desperate refugees who relied on people smugglers to get them into Malaysia. Felda gets its workers through labour contractors, which have been linked to confiscating workers’ passports and makes them pay for their own equipment. The abuse is ongoing -- contractors have been known to illegally withhold low wages for months on end.

And that's before we get to the environmental devastation. Reports have linked Eagle High Plantations to clearcutting orangutan habitat and 6,000 hectares of Papua rainforest. Its cultivation of 17,000 hectares of peat causes emissions equivalent to about 400,000 cars per year. 

If we can stop Standard Chartered’s loan, we can derail Felda’s plans for conflict palm oil.

Tell Standard Chartered to walk away from this nightmare of a deal.

SumOfUs members have been changing the way the world looks at conflict palm oil. We’ve pushed McDonald's and KFC to adopt global responsible palm oil policies and go deforestation-free. We’re also pressuring Doritos’ parent company PepsiCo. Because of us it’s come up with a new palm oil policy that is stronger in some respects, but we’ll be continue to campaign hard for the loopholes to be closed.

We know change is possible with Standard Chartered. Recently, tens of thousands pressured Standard Chartered to cut finance for the controversial Carmichael coal project that would ruin the Great Barrier Reef.


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