How Happiness Could Be Killing You

November 14, 2019 Julianne Bonnet

Have you ever hugged a friend or loved one, caught a whiff of whatever shampoo or fragrance was wafting off of them and breathed deeply? Have you ever stepped up to the perfume or cologne section at a shop and sampled each fragrance to find which one might be the most "you"? Have you ever taken warm sheets out of the dryer, put them up to your nose and inhaled the smell of hot, fresh linen combined with the clean scent of your laundry detergent?

How "Faking It" Can Regrow Your Hair

October 30, 2018 Bold Apps

A recent study, as reported in Nature Communications, showed that a specific synthetic sandalwood fragrance encourages human scalp tissue to maintain hair growth. As it turns out, we have odor receptors in our hair follicles and, by stimulating these receptors, this synthetic sandalwood decreases rates of cell death and boosts the production of a growth factor. Faerie Goatmother is excited to introduce ROOTS, our new conditioning, regenerative shampoo with scientifically tested Sandalore.

Palm Oil

October 21, 2015 Julianne Bonnet

I am re-posting this from an e-mail alert that I recently received. Please, be aware of the products you consume -- whether bath and beauty or baked goods, palm oil is ubiquitous in our consumer goods. If you use a product that is made with palm oil, make sure that it comes from a sustainable source. Faerie Goatmother only uses organic, sustainable palm oil in our bar soaps, which is in line with our "help, don't harm" company policy. Standard Chartered, a massive international bank, is about to bankroll a Malaysian palm oil producer responsible for horrific slave-labour conditions and...

About Face

April 04, 2015 Mo Mellady

Don’t you hate those women who are lil’ miss perfect?  I do and I don't. I’m a fan of Hayden Panetierre, the country ingénue on ABC’s hit show, NASHVILLE. She’s a talented beauty and I've always admired/hated her for her glowing skin. Lately, I've been a magnet to any article on skincare, but recently I was in my local drugstore and saw an interview with Hayden that inquired about her beauty secrets. She says she NEVER goes to sleep without removing her makeup. She even keeps makeup removing towelettes under her pillow, the crinkling sound of the wrapper serving as...

Cleopatra Bathed in What?

March 23, 2015 Mo Mellady

If your body is a wonderland, then organic goat milk soap is your E-ticket for radiant skin.  Here are just some of the many benefits of organic goat milk soap: The high fat content in goat milk is a natural moisturizer. No harsh chemicals like a lot of those “other” bar soaps. Packed with essential nutrients and vitamins D, C, B1 and E. It slows the signs of aging. Relieves Eczema & Dry Skin. If it was good enough for Cleopatra, the Queen of Egypt... Legend has it that Cleopatra soaked in baths of fresh goat milk -- giving the...