Our Story

My family and I lived in the heart of the Silicon Valley for fifteen years. We were not tech people. I  watched people's eyes glaze over at parties as I tried to tell them my elevator pitch. It didn’t include a position with Google or Facebook and, for a long time, did not have a particularly interesting punchline.

In 2010 that all changed when I bought my first goat as an adverse reaction to finishing one too many years of graduate school. I wanted to get out of my intellect and bring more "real" life into my house and my heart, and to reconnect with the creative energy that used to be so much a part of who I was.

I bought more goats, then taught myself how to make cold process soap from their milk and Faerie Goatmother was born.

In 2015, my family took our love of nature, our desire for simplicity and our optimism and moved to the Santa Cruz Mountains where we, and our goats, now make our home on 5 acres of deep redwood forest.

People love our products for their natural efficacy, their organic ingredients, and for the company values that stand behind them.