Our Story

My family and I have lived in the heart of the Silicon Valley for well over a decade. We are not tech people. I have watched people's eyes glaze over at parties as I try to tell them my elevator pitch. It doesn’t include a position with Google or Facebook and, until recently, has not had a particularly interesting punchline.

In 2010 that all changed when I bought my first goat as an adverse reaction to finishing one too many years of graduate school. I wanted to get out of my intellect and bring more "real" life into my house and my heart, and to reconnect with the creative energy that used to be so much a part of who I was.

I bought more goats, then taught myself how to make cold process soap from their milk and Faerie Goatmother was born. People love how gentle and moisturizing the soaps are, and they also love that the milk used to make the bars comes from goats that live in my backyard -- a source that they can understand and recognize.

FaerieGoatmother has developed a devout following of soap lovers that love the product for its natural efficacy, its organic ingredients, and its company values.

In November 2013, I realized a way to marry my past as a writer and editor with my present as an artisan soap maker. I attended an art exhibit with my son called "Bibliophilia", where all of the pieces were made from books or book parts. Inspired by the exhibit, I came to the epiphany that much like a fairy godmother grants wishes, Faerie Goatmother can grant them as well by donating a portion of proceeds to worthy organizations that encourage a love of reading and writing. Our packaging now comes from old books and discarded literary magazines.

Each bar is wrapped in a page of a story or a poem, and each bar is as unique as the words that enshroud it. All of my soap making oils come from single source, sustainable farms, and the repurposed packaging keeps unwanted books from the landfill. Both practices fall in line with the "help, don't harm" company values that define FaerieGoatmother.