Our Products

At Faerie Goatmother we have a “help don’t harm” company policy which means that we do our best to source ingredients from companies that use sustainable practices. That begins with us! The milk in our soaps and lotions comes from our own small herd that we lovingly hand milk twice per day. Our soaps are wrapped in upcycled pages from discarded books, and our lotion is packaged in recycleable glass jars.

We only use certified organic base oils from single source sustainable farms, and that means that you can feel good about our products knowing that no animals were harmed, and no forests were clear cut in order for you to enjoy them.

Our hypoallergenic soaps and lotions are made in small batches so that they come to you fresh and ready for you to pamper yourself with. Always know that pampering yourself with Faerie Goatmother also helps others, as a portion of our proceeds goes to organizations that support literacy as well as to organizations that support certain environmental causes.